Running and Eating

One of the great advantages with running is the change in the appetite. Running makes me hungrier! And it also makes me crave good food! Food that both taste good and does good. Eating is not only to stop you from being hungry but also to put fuel in the body for your next run. And food is awesomly tasty too!

Today I ran 15 km. Not bad being the first day in “vacation” and the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night. Our apartment in Bologna have been empty for 3 weeks with the gas turned of so indoors we had a temperature of 15C. I sleept in a down jacket :)

And now I’m cooking to heet up the place (one of many advantages of living small- cooking one chicken will make the entire apartment warm and cosy).


I’m making roast chicken from Jamie Oliver and oven roasted veggies. Smells delicious.

I aded some wine and panchetta (bacon) because I believe everything tastes better with wine and pigsfat! How is it even possible to fail a dish consistent of garlic, olive oil, wine and panchetta. All that could be missing is the cheese. Maybe I should ad some…